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Totally inspired

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Have you got iT?

Electronic cigarettes are the 21st century way of smoking.

Campaign for Vaping in Pubs

We fully support our traditional pubs.

Smoke everywhere


Tobacco cigarettes are now frowned upon by society.  Smokers are made to feel like second class citizens.  Electronic cigarettes change all that.

Have you stopped going to your local?  Electronic cigarettes are welcomed by hundreds of traditional pubs all over the country.  Join the evolution.


No acrid smoke, no tar stains on fingers or ceilings.  Electronic cigarettes bring smoking into the 21st century.

Why swap to electronic cigarettes?
Legal to use everywhere
 The 2007 smoking ban does not cover electronic cigarettes (ecigs) as they are not lit and do not contain tobacco.  Ecigs simply work by evaporating a liquid to produce a vapour that may or may not contain nicotine.
 Cheaper than tobacco cigarettes
 With sustained use, ecigs work out much substantially cheaper than traditional cigarettes.  An average smoker can save up to £2500 per year by swapping to ecigs.
 Available in 100s of flavours
 Traditional cigarettes come in a limited range of flavours.  The liquids used in ecigs can be made to taste like any flavour imaginable.
 No ash, tar or carbon monoxide
 Ecigs do not burn organic material (tobacco leaves), they just boil a liquid.  This means that no tar, ash or carbon monoxide is produced.
 No waste
 Ecigs only work when they are activated.  This means that a smoke break can be for as long or as short as you want.  No more wasting cigarettes (and money) when in a rush or letting them burn down in an ashtray when you are busy.
 Almost no smell
 Ecigs produce almost no smell and even the smell of the strongest flavours dissipates after a few seconds and the smell does not stick to clothes and furniture.
 There are many variations of ecigs on the market to suit individual needs and taste.  Some look like traditional cigarettes but the majority of those that work hardly resemble a real cigarette at all.

We were Totally Inspired by the range of taste sensations that electronic cigarette liquid (eliquid) offers.  Hundreds of flavours from tobaccos to fruits, cocktails and sweets, each to be savoured and enjoyed.  What will become your favourite?

Our aim is to bring the best quality UK sourced eliquids to your doorstep with flavours to suit any palate.

The Health Act of 2006, refers to smoking as;

(a) Smoking tobacco or anything which contains tobacco, or smoking any other substance.

(b) Smoking includes being in the possession of lit tobacco or of anything lit which contains tobacco, or being in possession of any other lit substance in a form in which it could be smoked.

The eliquid in electronic cigarettes, does NOT contain tobacco and it is heated up, not lit or burned, so it is not covered by the smoking ban.  Some people like to distinguish using an ecig from a traditional cigarette by calling it vaping, we prefer the term e-smoking where e stands for enjoyment everywhere.
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